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Hello Parents,

Learn Faster, Retain Longer

What Student Rapid Success Formula can do for students/ Parents/ Teachers Every child is born with unlimited Mind Power but fail to utilize it well as he/she doesn't know how to utilize the power of subconscious mind. Mindmapping and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can help your children become super-achiever in their studies/life. If you wish to help your children learn their syllabus ten times faster with long retention, get rid of their fear, phobia, anxiety, stress, and depression and gain turbo-charged and unstoppable confidence, Student Rapid Success Formula (NLP-Mind Mapping) can do miracles for them.

  • Making your child Study is a Challenge for you ?
  • Does your child forget what he has learned ?
  • Dose your child get frustrated when he is not able to write in his Exams as he can’t retain what he has learnt ?
  • Does your child have Exam Fear ?
  • Dose your child have Phobia of any Subject ?

Or any other challenge with regards to your child’s MEMORY, CONCENTRATION, FOCUS, SILLY MISTAKES, Mobile or TV Addiction, any wrong Behavior etc….

We have, the SOLUTION


Benefits after Workshop.

  • Studying will be fun.
  • Recall and retention will be high.
  • No more boring subjects
  • No more exam or any study related fears.
  • Learn easy techniques to remember anything.
  • Learn to remember Chemical Equations easily.
  • Easy way to remember Long answer.
  • Learn to Visualise the things in easy way.
  • How to recall quickly and avoid mistakes in Exam.

  • How to improve Concentration…. and
  • Many many other benefits…..

To avail all these benefits for whole of the life…

Enroll your child for this Workshop……

Designed & Developed By Daksh Joshi